Beatnick/ Little Coffee Bean/ Joe/ Saroyan

Well, my beatnick sweater is finished. I am surprised by how well it all came together, and proud of myself for taking on a new challenge. There is something so wonderful in wearing something that I have made with my own hands, I can't really explain it, but it feels great. Its deeper than pride, and maybe its a sense of security, that I can be resourceful, determined and creative enough make beautiful things that I can enjoy. Finishing this sweater has really ushered me into a bit of a new stage, I know its just a sweater but really, its much more. This sweater embodies a lot of things that have been weighing on my heart and mind in these last few months, and in the time I spent quietly working on it at night while the baby slept,  I was able to really look inward and sort through these things. 

     After seeming up beatnick I felt like I needed a bit of a cool down knit, something a little mindless, easy, so I bought jane richmonds pattern for Joe, that hat pictured, and knit it up quickly. Its in berroco alpaca light, a dk weight, and the colorway is mahogany. This yarn is so soft, and it was lovely to work with. I originally intended it to be for my husband, Xavier, but its a bit small, so Julian and I will be taking turns wearing it. The little sweater is a free pattern called Little Coffee Bean, and is made of lionbrand fishernan's wool, the left overs from Julians wool diaper covers. I started this little cardigan a long time ago, and just finished up the sleeves the other night. I think I may make a few more for him this winter.

And this is for my Momma, its another free pattern, Saroyan, (inspired by the show bones, which my mother and I both are semi addicted too..im not sure how that happened.) Its a really fun little knit, and it is turing out to be very pretty.