Omi's Cardigan

Remember that swatch (the second photo) I was talking about a month or so back? Well, that pretty little thing has become a sweater. I must confess, even after reading the legendary Mrs. Zimmerman's book, I was still knitting with quite a lot of tears over this tiny sweater. I must also confess that I bit off much more than I could chew, but in the process learned quite a bit about designing, pattern writing and my own creative process. I am terrible at taking notes, thats the first thing I learned, definitely terrible at taking notes. Through all the knitting, re knitting, planning,  pythagorean theorem-ing, and too many pages in my graphed paper moleskin notebook, something in me said that I could do this, along with two of my new favorite people, Ann and Allyson, who cheered me on from the knitting side lines.

The night I finally figured out how to finish the shoulders, Ann texted me, "If this came easy to you, it would mean you were't pushing yourself." I was so encouraged by her words, and I thought it would be helpful and inspiring to share with you as well. That is a great concept to apply to any area we find ourselves struggling in, be it mothering, in our jobs, or marriages, relationships or in our creative outlets. It is ok for things to be difficult, it is ok to struggle and wrestle through the things that are worth the effort. I think that message is lost, purposefully in some cases and accidentally in others, but lost none the less in our convenience driven culture. 

Now for the knitting dorking out! (non-knitters need not read this hah) This brooklyn tweed is so gorgeous. I am a complete yarn snob, I admit it, but going back to synthetic fibers after working with this is nearly impossible. For me, it's all about the process, the feel of the wool, the needles, the smell even, that sheepy smell you get when you dunk your finished work into that bowl of soapy water, I love it! Adding to that, this yarn in particular is close to my heart because it is grown, dyed and spun in the US, on equipment that is quickly disappearing from the yarn manufacturing process (read about it here). This yarn really softens and fluffs up after a good soak and block, soft enough for a toddler, and that is saying a lot for 100% wool. Elizabeth Zimmerman's seamless set in sleeve recipe would have been much easier (it was indeed genius) if I had made a few more considerations as far as the placement of the lace and cables. I had to end two cables on the back piece to make room for the decreases at the underarm. I actually very much enjoyed that way that EZ describes her patterns, and her logic is easy to understand. 

I've already sent this little thing off to Omi to wear with her "Pincess" dresses, but hopefully I will get a few more photos to share with you soon. There is already another little sweater for her in the works, (not yet on the needles) and this one, I am hoping to take better notes on in order share with the rest of you! What have you been working on?

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Friday Senses

Making: I have been working very, very hard on a design for 
little Omi. Designing is really hard for me, but I am catching on.

Seeing: A little more sunlight today. The last week has been really dark and overcast. I love the cold, but the darkness really bums me out. Its bright and sunny, so little and I are off to the park to soak up the vitamin D. 

Smelling: Nag Champa. 

Tasting: Coffee! This cup is from Columbia, dark and chocolatey. 

Hearing: Julian singing a little song to himself in his room, complete with piano accompaniment.

Feeling: I struggle with seasonal depression (see above hah). I have dealt with it my whole life, oddly even as a child. This year it seems to be a little more intense, maybe because there has been no snow to reflect the little bits of sunlight we do get in the midwest winters. Today, I am feeling better!

Loving: Staying home, this past week I have really appreciated the situation we have.  

Reading: Those awesome vintage books I picked up from the thrift store before Julian was born. The one with the dog in the egg is called, "How Fletcher was Hatched". It was printed in 1969, the year my mother was born, and she actually had the same book as a child. Im waiting on the beloved Elisabeth Zimmerman's Knitting With Out Tears, to help me construct this seamless bottom up set in sleeve baby cardigan! (Im crazy, I know!) 

Praying: For direction for this blog, for my creative endeavors, for big decisions for our family. It seems  like everyone around me is announcing a pregnancy, or welcoming a second, which makes me sort of miss being pregnant and snuggling a tiny baby. I know that right now is not the wisest time for our family to start planning for another, so I have been praying for patience, foresight and provision for our family and especially my husband. 

How is your friday?
Thanks for reading!

Making: Working