It seems as if the little plants in my garden are poking their heads up to see if it's safe, to see if the late winter is on it's way out. The strawberries are already coming up from under the winter soil, and the little scrawny sage bush in the pot by the stairs is softening up, growing greener by the day.  

They are not unlike myself. Late winter seems to be the most difficult season for me, annually. This is the time of  year that my dependence on sunlight becomes the most evident, my moods can be almost predicted by the cloud cover. I don't mind the cold, but it's the dark that causes me to loose motivation, and feel downright sad. With every late winter that passes I get better at managing it, accepting that seasonal depression is a part of my life but moving forward despite it. That's the best you can really do though, honestly. 

The good news is that it's raining, and that's what the little plants and soil need. This year I have exciting plans for the back yard garden, but still need to devise how to convince the land lord that they are legitamate. Anything out out of the ordinary freaks them out, so you can guess that last year when I asked to instal a chicken coup the answer was no. Hopefully a few trellises won't make them too uncomfortable. Have you started your plans, or even seeds? I missed the start date for my tomatoes so I'll have to purchase some starts. Sharing this little garden with Julian this year will be so rewarding, he is after all, my little weed. Why must they grow so fast?