My name is Kirstin. I live in Chicago with my swarthy coffee roasting husband and our tenacious and gorgeous little (big) boy. Im pretty old for my age, and by that I mean, I am a 65 year old woman trapped in a 20 something year old body. I am passionate about Jesus, homemaking, knitting, simple living, community, kitchen tomfoolery, general "artsiness" and more recently, gardening. Sometimes I talk about the time I've spend in Uganda, and how it has totally changed my heart and mind. My favorite author is Rudyard Kipping, and thus I named this blog after a very wise old Elephant, who is the bravest of them all. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I grew up just a bit east of Chicago - Howdy Neighbor! I now live in the wild, wild mountains of Vermont with my new, accented husband :-)
    I love to knit as well - it makes me happy!
    It's nice to meet you, and you have a delightful blog, it blends (in my opinion) all the best into one...
    God bless,


  2. Andi,
    Thank you so much! What a great compliment. Sometimes I want to escape to somewhere like Vermont...my husband and I took our honeymoon to go to a cabin in the mountains, in rainy October, and it was blissful. hah! Nice to meet you too!

  3. Hi Kirstin, just found your blog through Carrie Rucks and it is so lovely. I look forward to digging around a bit and reading more! :)

    1. Awesome! Welcome! I love Carrie, she is so sweet. Nice to meet you!

  4. i sincerely love your blog - your header is so precious and i really love the name behind your blog, a courageous elephant! that is awesome. :)

  5. Hi from London! Came across your blog via Sometimes Sweet, great blog! Look forward to following you :)

  6. Hi Kirstin - just popped over from your post on Emily's lovely blog. Yours is gorgeous as well. Can't wait to follow along.

  7. I'm originally from the Chicago area but, too bad I don't reside there anymore!