Yesterday was Julian's second birthday. 
It seems that every day he communicates a little clearer. I have been waiting for those moments since we knew we were expecting. Sometimes I can not believe that the little stories spilling from his mind are comprehendible, what treasures! Watching his personality unfold is one of the greatest rewards of parenthood for me. 

So, for his birthday, I wanted to make him something fitting for a budding little mind. Puzzles and blocks seem to be his favorite things these days so I wanted to combine the two. I saw this example on pinterest and asked my dad to make the blocks to be painted. I chose six colors of acrylic paint and painted each six sides in different patterns to form six different puzzles he could put together. I just free handed them, using sponge brushes with sharp angled points made that much easier. The possibilities are really endless, considering you can mix and match all the sides for even more interesting combinations. It was a wonderfully simple project, and a nice break from all my holiday  knitting projects. There is nothing better (in my opinion) than presenting him with something I have made for him on his birthday and watching him explore and enjoy it.  

Hoping you had a lovely Christmas, and wonderful new year!
Thanks for reading, 


  1. Oh my goodness, what a dapper little man you have, what with his sweater and comb-over! Happy birthday Mr. Julian! I have loved seeing all your handmade gifts pop up on Instragram -- I think these turned out wonderfully.

  2. I can't believe he's two! Already! We're right behind you :) We've also been loving the communication with Olive. I'm amazed and equally excited each time she strings a few words together. Yesterday it was "Dance with me" but previously it had just been "dance!" It seems like SO much has happened just in the last three or four months!

    I really love the blocks and the colors you chose! They look awesome! I'm tempted to try something similar myself. :)

    Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to Julian! :)

  3. Oh what a dear little chap! Happy Birthday to you! And those blocks are SO good :)