Batkus / Let nothing be wasted.

My sweet little cast on for Batkus, I am really happy that I chose this pattern for this yarn. It has been a little difficult keeping track of which row I am on, the pattern is a simple and easy (its only 8 rows repeating) but I've had to rip back a few times because I was increasing on the wrong side of the row, but  I don't mind. Im not used to working with such small needles and yarn, Im partial to worsted weights, but am finding myself drawn to the more delicate patterns and fibers these days. 
Sweet little baby hands. Look at how beautiful that kettle died yarn is, the variation of colors is amazing. It has me inspired to do some hand dying myself, In fact, I just ordered this book, in hopes of learning to dye some yarn in this coming year, which I will talk about later in this post.

This is the most accurate photo for the color, its so rich.

 Im loving the single ply merino. 

Sweet baby Julian learning to put on his hat. He is officially attached to it, Naomi kept trying to steal it from him, which was not making him happy. He even protested when I put it on. 

I have had a lot of ideas bouncing around my head this weekend. I usually don't participate in new year resolutions, my stance is that if you want something to change, you shouldn't consult the calendar, the verse, "be transformed by the renewing of your mind daily" is a little bit of a mantra to me. But! This year, I will be resolving to do something different. I am waiting till the new year to begin this so that I can prepare and work out some details. I know that it will be something along the lines of "Waste Less" but thats pretty vague. This weekend Xavier and I went to Park Com. Church, we didn't wake up in time for the morning service of the church we usually go to. The "theme" of the sermon this week was John 6, when Jesus fed the thousands. A lot of things that the teacher spoke on and pointed out were good things, true things, but the thing that called out to me the most, was this :

 “Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted.” 

Of all things to say after having done this miracle of feeding thousands of people from very little, Jesus is concerned with not wasting what is left over, and points it out. I know this isn't the highlight of the story, but this is what spoke to me, what challenged me. The last few months I have been doing a little research and poking around the idea of composting, and growing a garden this coming spring, canning seasonal fruits and veggies, this little nudge from the spirit is conformation for me. Let nothing be wasted. I don't want this to be contained to the ideas of wasting food, this morning I was doing the dishes and considering ways to use the least amount of water, I've always just let the water run while I was scrubbing and not plugged the sink, and when I actually thought about it, I was pretty convicted. (This is why my dad sometimes thinks Im becoming a universalist, because while some people think Jesus is telling them to stop listening to secular music, I think Jesus is telling me to grow gardens and to be mindful of my impact on the beauty of his creation..hah) Im also considering making a very bold commitment to not buy anything new for a whole year. (excluding things you obviously would never and or should never buy used, like panties, or tooth brushes. ) This would be very hard for me, especially because I buy ALOT of new yarn. I posted last week about recycling yarn, and I am really inspired to get better at it, and hopefully learn how to these recycled yarns with natural pigments found in nature. I would love to get a group together and go searching for black walnut trees and collecting their leaves to dye some yarn,  Or using turmeric, coffee, tea, copper, onion skins, red cabbage, chamomile, there are so many options. Apparently you can grow indigo in your back yard. I would love to venture into spinning as well, but thats a whole different conversation about being self sustainable...(why cant i just have a couple of acres of land in the city so I can have my chickens and garden and my little sheep?!) I'm so inspired! But to stay on topic, I still have to really work out the details of what this resolution would be, and Ill post more about it soon. 

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