A New Studio

The other night Xavier and I were having a long conversation about feeling validated. I found myself talking a lot about how I feel validated when I meet certain expectations for myself in the realm of mothering, and wifehood. I know there is more to me than being a wife and mother, but there are certainly times when I get lost in the role, or trying to fulfill that expectation that I set for myself. We talked a lot about knitting and creative process, what his creative process means to him, how he expresses himself. It was certainly a good conversation. 

The next day he set up this beautiful space for me to find those things I tend to loose, like confidence and peace. Having my own physical space to explore my imagination, knit and unravel, and even maybe do a bit of reading is such a luxury to me. A table high enough so that the baby can't reach those sharp tools like seam rippers, and delicate things like lace on the needles, what a gift! 

I have to find a few baskets for storage, and put up some hooks for drying yarn but it already feels so special. In a feature I recently did, I talked about having structure in my life, and this space will certainly help me balance my day a bit more. When I'm in my studio, I can focus because I know everything else is done, this is my time to create and be inspired. Besides that, the fact that it is a gift from my husband, an encouragement to find confidence in my creativity, makes it even better. 


  1. I love your studio! A very thoughtful gift :) I often feel the same way after I've completed or accomplished goals I've set for myself. It can be good motivation. And I also can get lost in those expectations I place on myself. It's a blessing to have someone that encourages me and helps me keep my feet on the ground.

  2. Oh wow, that wooden table top is stunning! Your earlier Instagram shot did it no service, that's for sure.

  3. K, I love this post. Not only for that dear little space for you to create and thrive in, but also to hear of you talking openly with your husband (similar to lines of thoughts I also discuss with Alex).

    I think beautiful spaces need not be richly furnished or grand in scale, they can be small, considered "nooks", with thoughtfully placed items, an inviting chair (or book or ball of yarn)... you've inspired me to do the same if I can!

  4. What a sweet gift from your husband! He's a keeper ; )

    And once you know who you're in Christ, you'll find that your validation comes from Him!

  5. I dream of studio space like that. Fantastic gift. Enjoy.