Chamomile Blooms

While I was in Michigan camping and fishing with my parents, my sweet friend Ellen watered my garden for me. Yesterday she asked me if I knew how large my chamomile plant had gotten and I told her I didn't even know I had one! I planted some seeds last year and forgot about them. Upon my arrival this afternoon I was so delighted to find the biggest chamomile plant I have ever seen, blooming and magnificent! It's incredible how much things grown with in a week of good sun. 

I have plans for chamomile infused sugar, some salves and of course, lovely tea.
Here's to summer, and feeling better. 

Thanks for reading


  1. yum. i love this time of year, when you can go out and pluck chamomile flowers for some fresh tea right there. so good. :)

  2. I love chamomile, yours is really beautiful !