To have Dignity, To Create.

Today in the world this slavery is being committed against

 something beautiful that God has given us – the capacity to

 create, to work, to have dignity."

-Pope Francis 

Last month the largest and most deadly garment factory accident in history took place in Bangladesh. I've been following along, listening to BBC world news on npr as I fold laundry, not being being able to help feeling a sense of irony. I am not surprised that things like this happen, it makes sense, unfortunately, that for most big companies the bottom line is more important than the hands sewing and seaming their products. Faster, cheaper. It's not worth it. It's slavery. 

Let's choose to deliberately live intentionally, and break the cycle of consuming by creating. 
It's more expensive, it takes longer, but it's worth it. 

Yarn: Quince & Co Sparrow: Organic Linen in Sans
Pattern: Kit by Bristol Ivy

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  1. Amen Kirstin, I'm with you. Lets demand a better future for our fellow human beings. Lets buy and make with intention and connect to where things come from and how they are crafted, and how we use them.

    p.s. send a letter off to you a few days ago, hope it arrives soon xx

  2. i've been horrified for years at the conditions in these factories. here, we make things or thrift. that's it. the rest is disgusting. thank you for creating too.