Knitting & Snuggles

I woke up this morning to delightfully chilly weather. I threw together some spelt flour and poppyseed pancakes, a good hearty breakfast for Xavier before work. I love having the time to wake up early, but still well rested, and make a simple breakfast on the weekdays, what a treat, its the little things like a handful of poppy seeds that make a relatively mundane pancake a little more beautiful and exciting. The woman on the radio said, "Let's just get through this day." I couldn't disagree more, this sort of weather is exactly my favorite, and calls for hot coffee, knitting and snuggle time at home with Julian. Window cracked open, knitting needles out, blanket forts and maybe a little Harry Potter. I had so many plans for today, especially blogging plans, quite a few recipes I wanted to get up, some other posts and a few things around the house that don't need immediate attention, but they can all wait. Today is for snuggles and knitting. 


Swallow Tail in progress 

This is recycled yarn, its seriously lovely. Cashmere, Alpaca and Wool, 
approximately a light worsted. I wish you could feel how soft this is. 


Thanks for reading


  1. Found your blog from She Breathes Deeply and saw you love knitting as well. That's a beautiful piece you are working on and I hope you found time to enjoy the wonderful knitting weather!

    1. Hey! I indeed love knitting, the piece is actually a free pattern too, its called swallow tail, you should look it up!

  2. oooo, the recycled yarn is heavenly.