Things to consider 5/25

D&S left for the hospital about an hour ago to try and coax the new baby into the world. We have delicious treats, cool things too look and and see and touch out here little baby, hurry on up! It is really interesting being on the other end of these things, being the not pregnant one, the bystander, the one nervously waiting for the texts and updates. I can't help but to remember the day Julian was born, and get  (more than) a little sentimental. I thought about sharing his birth story today, but that will have to wait, today is a day for the G family. So here are a few things I am looking at to keep from biting all of my newly manicured (thanks to S, we both got a little time away from the children to be pampered and prepare for today) fingernails.


 despondent bunny and mermaid tears toes 

This photo booth backdrop is beautiful, I think would look great as an over the bed piece. I would l
ove to try a DIY version.

This Swallow Tail Shawl on the needles with recycled yarn, but the last few days have been a little busy for knitting.


Next month is going to be a (hopefully) big month for KALANAG, Im sponsoring two of my favorites, Mandy and Sara


Had to order this little guy for my knitting notes. I love this cute company/blog. They have nice looking recipes and a great aesthetic. 


Cantaloupe Basil Aqua Fresca is in the plans for our memorial day gospel community bbq. 


Npr told me to check out these Summer Reads. Why, yes I will...take them all. 

 And with that I must go, Julian is demanding that I read Have You Seen my Cat? by Eric Carle.  I usually read to him at any request but I really don't like this book.... I haven't seen your cat man, maybe you should keep him inside if you don't want to loose him.

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  1. I think this is my favorite "series" post!