Friday Senses

Making: These simple color block mitts, minus the color blocking, for my mother. 

Seeing: Everything with a different perspective these days. 

Smelling: Coffee & a heavily spiced apple galette in the oven.

Tasting: Salted Caramel Lip balm, this lovely balm lasts for hours. 

Hearing: The NPR membership drive, are you a member?! 

Feeling: A little drained, but thankful and excited for the weekend to spend with my family. 

Loving: The new relationships in my life, I've been having a few "Oh, you to?! I thought I was the only one" moments in this past week. 

Reading: Not too much this week actually.

Praying: For continued healing for those who knew and loved our dear Sarah. 

What is your Friday feeling like?

Thanks to Elise for the "Friday Senses" Idea. 


  1. Making: mittens for Sal; a new recipe: blackened chicken and lime-cilantro quinoa. I was thinking about trying to make home-made baked pretzels tonight :) I have zero experience with yeast though, so it might be a disaster.

    Seeing: A half-dark living room since it gets darker so much earlier! and a messy kitchen, I am longing to clean up.

    Smelling: this chicken...it's just resting in front of my face and I am salivating! ;)

    Tasting: vanilla coke. I am trying to wean myself from pop!

    Hearing: an episode of Daria. I am listening/watching while I cook.

    Feeling: Tired, but thankful it's Friday and I have this evening home to relax.

    Loving: My new found ability to say "no" some times. I am feeling a lot happier in general and more energized when I am at work and around others because I am not wearing myself completely out all of the time!

    Reading: Just finished the end of Genesis, in the midst of Ephesians, a few friends' blogs (cough cough ;) ) and not too much otherwise because I am busy at work with science articles!

    Praying: For my family, and especially my sister. Wanting her to know Jesus so she can feel the peace and rest of Him that she so desperately needs.

  2. I really enjoy this series and your photograph!

  3. Wow, amazing photo! Love this post idea, too.

  4. Salted caramel lip balm? That sounds AMAZING.

    1. it IS amazing, I also have their clove cigarette version, its just as good!

  5. I hope you don't mind, but I borrowed the senses idea in my latest blog. But I certainly gave you and Elise credit! :) Although, I've done it as saturday senses...for the alliteration haha