The Home has a Heart

The other day I got a wonderful little early birthday gift from my dear friend, Elise. It was a copy of a book that she had mentioned to me that she was reading, knowing that it would bless my heart just as much as it was blessing hers. So there it was, waiting for me when I got home from a long drive home.

"The Home has a Heart"
by Thyra Ferre Bjorn 
Published in September, 1968 

This is one of my favorite quotes from the book so far. There is so much truth to this little prayer. I love that she gives the everyday tasks of motherhood, of wife hood the heaviness and seriousness it deserves. We do, as home makers, as mothers and wives, as women, as equal bearers of the image of Christ, need to bear the burdens laid upon us bravely, and in my opinion, willingly. I was speaking with a new friend over dinner last week about how the role of "home maker" or "house wife" is almost excused as a set of circumstances. I dare say,  looked down upon. The irony is this, most of the toil and work done outside of the home, is to sustain it, and to enable the raising and tending of children. I wonder why then, is the very thing that all the work is for, so disregarded? Again, this is all the musings and wonderings of my mind, I expect no one else to agree or adopt those feelings as their own, these are the small things being laid upon my heart. 


  1. beautiful musings and wonderings I feel, of an equally beautiful heart. we need these conversations more, and prayers like that one. I too wish we could see the preciousness, the sanctity of a home filled with love, rooted in grace, a place for respite, rest, community, learning... and perhaps the most profound thing about creating that kind of "home" is that it does not require a fancy restored farmhouse, blackboard kitchen walls, lush furnishings - it requires people to occupy it, make their own and love each other in it. I have always been inspired and encouraged on this matter by the woman described in proverbs 21; she is all at once - thrifty, compassionate, light-hearted, industrious, elegant, generous, crafty, virtuous.

  2. I love the sentiments of this post... that book looks so sweet, almost refreshing.

  3. Amen :-) It's a lovely prayer, and one I often pray for myself these days, as well as the other new brides I know.
    I am so thankful to have married a man who values homemaking as the sacred calling of his wife. I work part-time outside the home now, but it is our heart's desire that once the Lord gives us a little one, I'll move home permanently and be a full-time mama! What a blessing, a blessing that so many women too willingly, too ignorantly trade away for something much less worthy.
    That's MY little opinion!
    Thank you for sharing this :-) What an encouragement.