In the garden

I may or may not have started off my garden with a little too much gusto. There has been a serious heat wave hitting the midwest and unfortunately, that in combination with my work schedule lately, has left my sweet back yard garden in a little mess. I am happy to report though, that the things that I was the most excited about have survived and done well so far! Especially the kale, although, I am still having bunny problems. 

 Rainbow Swiss Chard. 
I have recently discovered the tastiness that is chard. Come next planting season, I will probably be planting more greens like these. 

 Purple Wax Beans. Look at that lovely color! I should probably harvest them now. This will be my first real vegetable harvest, I am very excited about this. 

 Butternut squash blooms. This little thing bloomed just today. My poor squash plants almost didn't make it through the week. I am thankful that I chose to put them in a pot, because I was able to move them to a shady part of the patio, where they have been recovering from the heat. 

These are some stray grapes that are winding their way from our neighbors yard into ours. I will not complain about this..

I understand now why so many people love to garden. Maybe it is because of my inherent nurturing tendencies that loves to water and watch the plants every morning and evening, and admire them growing. I can imagine how a garden can become a little like a child to some people, tending, pruning, weeding and encouraging tiny seeds to grow, and enjoying see them do so. Maybe when we are done having children, and they are off making their own way in the world, I will have enough experience to have a beautiful and delicious garden to enjoy and care for. 

How is your garden coming along? 
If you don't have one, what would you love to grow?


  1. Oooh! I AM so proud of you! Aren't garden fresh green the BEST? I do so love chard of all colors. (BTW, you can keep planting until about a month before our first frost...just sayin'!) Those beans are beautiful! Nice work!

    1. OOOOh I will probably start some new chard then!

  2. Purple wax beans?! Those look quite amazing! Did you grow them from seed? We have a very small little patch of veggies, about 1m by 3m but we have squeezed in some beetroot, salads, climbing beans and of course, chard! Although it keeps truing to bolt :S

    Lovely to see a fellow young gardener xxxx

    1. Yes! We did grow them from seed! They are amazing...I love the color so much. I would love to grow some beetroots too, and more chard and kale of course.

  3. Your garden looks wonderful! I prefer the slightly wild look myself :) I love chard, and kale... I need to find some seeds. And those purple wax beans look divine! At the moment we have beetroots, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, parsley, cilantro, rosemary, thyme, mint, chives, lettuces, snow-peas, green beans, garden peas, cucumber-berries (basically small, bite-sized round cucumbers) and edible flowers like nasturtiums, violets and violas growing. Most we started from seed. There is something anicent and earthy and wholesome about tending to the soil, something spiritual even. I can't help but look at the vine twisting through our hedge and think of "the true vine" xx