Beat the Heat

Alright, summer, maybe you're not THAT bad. 

We took Julian to a sweet little hidden beach today. I was skeptical at first, since I am usually not a huge fan of being sandy, getting sun burnt, or watching out for questionable floating bits of mystery in the water, oh, and sharks. I hate the idea of sharks, although shark fin soup makes me really sad. I know that I live by a lake, and not an ocean...but still...

 Julian, on the other hand, is delighted with this seemingly unending bathtub. The first few steps in the water were full of trepidation, lots of hand holding and squeezing and mutterings about the temperature.  
After a few minutes he could not  be convinced to leave! He was having so much fun splashing around, digging in the sand and sitting down in the water. I had to admit to myself that maybe this whole beach thing is (maybe) alright, the coolness of the water was helping to improve my general "it's hot" moodiness. I considered buying a swim suit, and sun hat, for just a second. A couple of times, I tried to hold his little hand and he would rip it away and say "no! mama!". He wanted to be a big boy and stand in the water all by himself. Oh, dear. Im not sure if I am ready for all this independence. 

Hope your weekend was lovely as well. 

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  1. oh don't you two look lovely and summery; hidden beaches are nice! I'm not one for getting sandy/sunburnt either; but something about the sound of rolling waves makes me happy. I have snorkelled around sharks, egad, a bit scary...