Talk of jams and preserves has been frequent in these last few weeks. Perhaps it is my evolving sense of seasonal rhythms, or maybe the upcoming changes for our family in the next few months that is driving me. (more on that later) My birthday brought a lovely book on canning, Canning for a New Generation. It is a pretty book, with lots of mouthwatering photos with simple directions and recipes. 

While spending the weekend in Detroit to celebrate the union of two dear old friends, I was able to learn a little about the jam making process from my Momma. A friend of hers picked some raspberries from a family farm over the day before and was kind enough to share them with us for my first try at preserves. The raspberries were so sweet and perfectly tart, and I knew I had to do something special with them. The recipe for Raspberry Jam with Lavender & Mint was one that had caught my eye while first flipping through the canning book, it was meant to be! 

Maybe when I get better at it, I can share more of the process in this space. It was fairly simple, and really fun to do. I am excited to say that a jar of this jam is on its way to Uganda, to be given to my dear friend Betty, who I have spoken of often here. Making a small batch (1/2 the recipe in the book) yielded 6 of these little jars of jam. I actually enjoy that we made a smaller batch, it makes it more special, a treat, for some delicious bread, or to be shared with friends for brunch over pan cakes. It makes a simple jam "an affordable luxury". 

Do you have a favorite jam? It's funny how most of my memories involving jam are from childhood, and usually involve peanut butter. What about you? 

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  1. I really want to learn this craft from my grandmother. She has a talent for jams and butters and they're so delicious. I don't have the recipes or even know where to begin but I would definitely love to learn. She makes the best apple butter I've ever had and Plum butter and plum jelly... I'm going to go and call my Mamaw. ;)