Weekend Eats / Focus

Sometimes I forget that I am a working mother. Most days, Julian and I spend playing with the darling little Omi, at her house while her parents are working. It works out well for everyone involved for the most part. The little ones are so close, they give hugs and kisses in the morning when we arrive and sweet little hand waves when we leave. I am so thankful to have a way to bring income into our home, while still spending every moment I can with Julian. But sometimes, I forget that I am indeed, working.

The weekends are devoted to our little family of three. We have a pretty constant routine, always coffee, sometimes we even go to two different shops on a Saturday or Sunday, just to see what they are offering. Some weekends we go thrifting, or to the bookstore, where the little one plays with the train table with the other children and I flip through cookbooks, knitting books or now, sewing books (in the air conditioning). I usually get some time to sit down and knit, after the house is cleaned, the laundry is done (ok sometimes this doesn't happen...not completely done.), the meals are planned and the baby is sleeping. This weekend was a little different, and I could feel the weight of the demands of my time. Im not complaining, no, I'm just having a little bit of a revelation, that maybe I should take a little more time to focus, simplify, consolidate, and maybe sit once and a while. I was able to meet with a dear friend this week who reminded me that I do not have to be supper mother/wife/woman/person. No one is expecting that out of me, so to put that pressure on myself only hurts the ones I am trying to care for. I also read this quote today, "Great is the enemy of Good".  Sometimes when I try to do too much, nothing gets done, or everything is done poorly.

I am thankful that I was able to make this yummy pesto yesterday for that reason. I made a silly amount of pesto, that will top pasta and sandwiches and maybe find its way into a frittata by next weekend. This is something that will help to simplify our time at home this week. You already know how much I love kale, so it should be no surprise to you that I've switched out the basil for peppery dino kale, from the garden. I used this and this as references but sort of went at it on my own, with what I had, but honestly, I cant really claim any sort of ownership over any pesto recipe...its pretty basic. Quickly blanched kale, garlic, lemon, pine nuts, parmesan, salt, pepper, oil, that is it. 

We have already had two dishes with this pesto since yesterday, and they were both delicious, Xavier went back for seconds, and the little one willingly ate kale...a win in my book. I am hoping to use it on his turkey sandwiches for lunch. It was relatively quick to prepare as well, a good 20 minutes from garden to jar. Maybe I should make a batch of this every week or so, and change up the ingredients just a bit, play with the ratios and flavors. I think adding a little crushed red pepper would be yummy too. This is also something that can easily be frozen in preparation for winter, when something bright and fresh tasting is a welcome indulgence. 

And there my mind goes, preparing for winter. I am thinking of canning, and tomato sauces, jams, and pickled things. Pickles, then I think of a birthday that is coming up, which I plan to celebrate a gift of garden dilly beans, oh and a hat needs knitting. Celebrate, there is a wedding coming, travel plans must be made, as well as a gift, and a dress needs to be chosen. Dress, I still have that other skirt pattern I want to try. See what I mean....I can only laugh at myself, really. Ever feel the same?

Thanks for reading. 


  1. this is the story of my life and something I constantly battle. when things get in order and are done well, I always fall back into thinking I can add more to my schedule. it's a vicious cycle of feeling antsy (where I want to do MORE) to feeling overwhelmed...apparently that's a fine line, or at least an easy line to blindly cross.

    I agree with your friend, it's impossible to be perfect/super wife/mom. I am not even a mom and I feel like enormous pressure (even if that pressure just comes from me and no one else!). I think it's important that you are trying your best, but not to be hard on yourself when things fall through or don't turn out like we plan.

    What I always try to fall back on is analyzing how my relationship with Jesus is going. I feel like as long as that is in the right, all of the other stuff will start to be put together better and my priorities and time devotion will level off. I pray the same for you! <3

  2. unrelated...that pesto looks so yummy. And I absolutely ADORE that first picture of Julian and Omi :) I re-watched the squeaky shoes video you sent me yesterday and had a good laugh. I love the joy the babies bring!

  3. The last paragraph is definitely me! :) I often find myself paralyzed by not being able to do EVERYTHING, especially working full time and wanting so badly to be able to spend more time Olive and Josh. It is sometimes difficult not to expect so much of ourselves. I think you are an amazing mother, wife and friend! It's great that you are finding balance, planning ahead makes such a huge difference, I think. :)

    1. the word "paralyzed" is so accurate. I love that you used it. And yea, planning has been helping so much...sticking to that plan...that is the difficult part! hah!

  4. I have a sad obsession with pesto.

    Also, I totally know what you mean... I feel crazy sometimes when I realize how many things I want to do any how little I actually accomplish. I should probably just stop thinking and start doing, yeah? Okay. I will. Haha.