pleasent views v.2

 "I think I am done knitting for the summer" 
sure...sure Kirstin...sure you are. 
This little guy was for Indiana's welcome to the world party. It's this pattern with this yarn. Also, ready to hear a cute story about my husband? I was sulking about not finding the RIGHT buttons for this little sweater so he went into his closet, grabbed an old button down and cut off the buttons, which were exactly what I had envisioned. He is an ok human sometimes. 



 "Sneaking in the whole grains"

 Its official. I need an ice cream maker. I picked up this super exciting flavor at the Ann Arbor Whole Foods. Ready? Avocado. Seriously. It's great. Im thinking avacado + lime sherbet in the mean time....

This is the last thing I need to be getting myself into, sewing quilts. But I can't help myself....


I hope you had a lovely weekend, loving on the Papas in your life. I am visiting my parents for the week and I hope to get a lot of things done, considering they can not get enough of Julians dancing, shouting, pool hoping into and signs. The newest is "hot". That's right baby, Momma's coffee is hot! 


  1. What a lovely little cardigan... husbands who find/use/like buttons is a good thing too - I remember being so pleasantly surprised when Alex decided to find wonderful antique buttons and re-do all 10 or so buttons on his best coat. Also, I hear you on the ice-cream maker... I would make my favourite kinds; rose petal... roasted pistachio... quince... elderflower & vanilla bean. Avocado does sound good though :) Happy week to you and your loves!

    1. Oh my goodness! Quince is now one of my favorites! I have a rose bush in the back yard that I want to start making rosewater with, thanks for the great idea.

  2. You are the best knitter that I know. I *need to keep practicing. I just can't seem to figure out how to fix things when I make a mistake. I'm excited to see how your quilt turns out. It looks so pretty.

    1. Carrie,
      That is seriously the key to being a good knitter, is messing up, The more you make a mistake, the more you learn how to fix things! Two steps forward, one step back, its still progress! Keep it up! Id love to see what youre working on!

  3. Awwww, you're hubs sounds pretty decent! :-) It's a lovely little number, truly - the buttons are perfect.
    Avocado ice cream, huh? I've had avocado smoothies before... I wonder if they're along the same lines...
    Have a great week!

    1. Yes! I loved it so much, it was so tasty!