Friday Sences

Making: A cozy hat for my Dad's birthday, with some handsome reclaimed merino.
Seeing: The season slowly changing, give me that crisp air, some cozy socks, and apples!
Smelling: Pretty Flowers our friend brought over while my boys were sick, a tiny blessing.
Tasting: Left over pot roast with herb de province gravy and colecannon potatoes.
Hearing: Cotton Jones . I think Im a little behind on this one.
Feeling: Thankful for good health, both my son and husband caught
 a terrible tummy bug this week, and that I was well enough to care for them!
Loving: Spending time with my family this weekend, for my dad's birthday.
Reading: Earth to Table by Jeff Crump & Bettina Schorman. An inspiring cookbook indeed.
Praying: For courage, to delve head first into passions laid on my heart.
Thanks again, Elise, for the Friday Sences Idea.
What about you? Link back in comments
 if you do a sences post, Id love to read them!


  1. Here is mine: http://spipeandsprinkles.blogspot.com/2012/09/monday-senses.html

    I just love this series.