Friday Senses

Making: A pair of cabled over the knee socks for my new boots! I'd link to it but it is in this book and I can not find the pattern on ravelry!! 

Seeing: A very clean house. I love having the time to keep this place organized and peaceful.

Smelling: Vegetable stock simmering on the stove. 

Tasting: coffee and brownies with pink sea salt. It's ok that I had a brownie for breakfast...

Hearing: Cars wizzing down our street. Having the windows open at our place and the radio off (I usually have NPR on all the time ) I can hear everything going on outside. Yesterday I recognized the sound of our car as Xavier parked it, coming home for lunch. 

Feeling: Balanced. I will have to tell you in a separate post how great staying home has been for me, and for our family. 

Reading: East of Eden. I read it in high school but totally didn't appreciate it. Now that Im getting into reading it again it is becoming a favorite. 

Praying: For creativity in this season. 

Thanks again, Elise, for the Friday Sences Idea.

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