Malissa's Garden

Malissa is really doing something special. The plot she is working on is in an area that a lot of people would not be comfortable venturing into, a rough part of Chicago. Despite some of the difficulties she has had in getting the community garden started, the fact that she is there tending, weeding, being available to people that walk by, that really makes a point. There is still living earth underneath the paved over and ugly surfaces, just waiting to be tilled, to be fruitful. 

People are like this too. 



  1. Go Malissa! I love what she is doing; Alex and I share similar dreams of living intentionally, ecologically in a city space, and building community at the same time. There is something so powerful about watching things grow and bear fruit in the soil, and sensing a design in that to be allegorical of how we grow and bear fruit when we're connected to our creator God :) This has inspired me afresh!

  2. a beautiful garden. I admire her hard work.

  3. What a wonderful metaphor that garden is, springing up from urban decay, thriving after hard work, patience and care.