Friday Senses

Making : a comfy open cardigan for fall, with Quince & Co's lovely wool/silk blend, Tern. 

Seeing: Julian grow and grow and grow, too fast.

Smelling: coffee, always coffee. 

Tasting: home made coconut & almond granola. A whole wheat pizza 
with crispy kale from the garden, caramelized spanish onions, spicy sausage and pecorino. 

Hearing: all the Iron and Wine albums on repeat and this story on NPR about organic foods.

Feeing: Proud of friends who have just returned from doing humanitarian work,
 or are heading out soon. 

Loving:  All of Julian's new words, particularly when he says "choo choo".  

Reading: Culinary Intelligence by Peter Kaminski & vol.4 of Kinfolk Magazine

Praying : Direction for our family, wisdom for upcoming decisions. 

Thanks to Elise for the "Friday Senses" Idea. 


  1. I absolutely love this idea. I may have to participate.

    You have a way with words, Kirstin. Thank you for sharing with us.

    1. thanks Kaite! Make sure to link back to mine so other can see it too! and make sure to credit my friend elise, have you seen her blog?

  2. Coffee always here too!

    What a cute idea for a post :)

  3. This is going to sound so random but you commented on my blog the other day (I just saw it now) and I just checked out your profile (because I'm a creep and like to see who's reading my blog...whatever) and was excited to see that it was you! I love your blog since finding it on Sometimes Sweet (I read back quite a bit - your last post especially was really sweet) and it was fun to have that little revelation. Hope you're having a great week :)

    1. im equally as ccreepy, i read all the comments on the posts Im featured in to see who my readers are and get to know them! Thanks for checkin back in with me!